Friday, 19 October 2012

Help Give These Baby Alpacas a Home + Great Holiday Gifts

I would like to share this wonderful venture with you all: a friend of mine - Beth Beal - and her husband, Kevin, are currently preparing their land for the arrival of a beautiful young herd of alpacas in Virgina, USA. They desperately need help with funding this and have set up an Indigogo funding page for anyone who would like to make a contribution in exchange for some fabulous perks for your contribution.

Some of the perks offered are:

  • For $15 'Bird Nesting Kit': Eco Friendly Bird Nesting Fiber Kit filled with Llama and Alpaca Fiber. We take a suet basket and stuff it with fiber and you hang it outside to help the birds line their nests. This particular fiber mix is extremely lightweight and possesses moisture wicking properties, which helps keep the birdy babies warm and dry. This bird nesting fiber kit makes a great gift for any occasion. International purchasers add $10.00 for shipping.
  • For $50 'Sponsor an Alpaca': This is the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life. You will receive a certificate with your Alpacas name and an 8x10 colour photo of your Alpaca, a hand written thank you on one of our note cards, and a grocery bag! Your sponsorship will help with animal care; not only their food (grain and hay) but pasture maintenance and medical needs.
  • For $105 '3 Month Yarn Club': 3 months of yarn from our very own Old Cedar Knoll Alpacas! Each month will include enough yarn to complete a pattern appropriate for the yardage, weight and blend - if blended and the pattern will be included. International purchasers add $15.00 for shipping.
  • For $200 'Fiber and Handmade Basket': A handmade 'Paca' Purse basket full of natural un-dyed fiber, roving and mill spun yarns. If you know a fiber lover, this would be the ultimate Holiday gift! For more details, see our story. Not available for International shipping.
All purchases will arrive on your doorstep beautifully packaged ready for gift giving just in time for the holidays!

Here's a quote from Beth and Kevin to explain further:
"Over the past few months, we have been in the process of re-fencing our upper pasture and rebuilding our old barn to accommodate the needs of the Alpaca breed. And since we decided to purchase the entire herd to keep them all together, we are getting 4 males we hadn’t planned on! The males need to be kept apart from the females, so we are renovating a new section of our acreage just for the boys. This includes the installation of fencing and a second shelter with water and electric. In addition, we need to purchase some new tools to process the fiber including a large drum carder for blending or turning those fleeces into batts for spinning and felting, various wool combs and hackles for blending the fibers, a second spinning wheel - a Schacht Ladybug - and a Woolee Winder for that wheel to help the spinning go faster!

We're down to the last few chores and hope you will support our efforts and take a look at our offerings and maybe even do a bit of your Holiday shopping with us! If you are looking for that special One-Of-A-Kind gift, I think we can help! Beth is an artisan working in all mediums, but beautiful baskets and signature jewelry pieces are her favorites. As a matter of fact, she has been making baskets almost as long as she has been knitting and that’s a long time!"
Please click on the image above for a video of Beth talking more about what this venture is all about, what it means to them, and some beautiful film of some of the babies they will be housing on their land from November 2012.

If you love giving unusual Holiday gifts this may be the solution you're looking for. I hope you can help, as I have done. If you are unable to make a contribution, but would like to help in some way, please share with your friends as they need all the support they can get - thank you!

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