Monday, 2 January 2012

How to Increase and Decrease Knitting Stitches

Well, I've started the knitting journey - I now know how to cast-on,  knit and purl to make stocking stitch, rib stitch, basket weave stitch and moss stitch. I'm enjoying learning the stitches, but the hand positioning feels really awkward compared to crocheting, it almost feels back-to-front.

I'm just wanting to learn to stitches and techniques at the moment, so I can have a go at a simple pattern. Next pattern in the book is a mobile phone case. I was looking at knitting a heart further on but I couldn't understand the instructions on how to increase, so had to look it up online. I found THIS video on YouTube showing how to increase and decrease, which helped a lot.

Jay goes back to school tomorrow, so the Christmas and New Year celebrations are officially over. We'll take down the Christmas trees on Friday for another year. I'll need an early night tonight as I've been staying up a bit too late lately and it will be hard to get up tomorrow morning!


  1. I think that is great that you are learning to knit, I knit and wish I could crochet!

  2. Hello Joyce, thanks! Perhaps you could have a go at learning crochet this year?



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