Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Crochet Headband & new Flickr Group

I wanted to make a little headband for Daisy for a while and then I found a really cute pattern on Etsy, from
BusyMomDesigns, with another of her patterns with a pretty rose to decorate it.

Daisy's hair is getting a little bit longer, but sometimes it can look a bit boyish, and it's probably a bit short for hair clips or bows yet. so here it is.

I think she looks really cute in it!

I'll be selling finished headbands in my Etsy Store, as the patterns come with selling permission. So if you fancy one for your little lady, or know someone who would like one as a gift, please contact me. I have a large selection of yarn colours available.

This is available for sale HERE.

I forgot to mention that I have a Flickr Group. If you would like to share your crocheted creations please add them to my new Flickr GroupGroovy Pumpkin's Crochet Group.


  1. Super cute! My sister-in-law really wants me to make a crochet headband for my niece....that one's cute!

    1. Thanks Shawna, it was super-easy too!! :D

  2. Oh look at that little redhead (I always wanted a redhead daughter since I am a natural redhead)I got a blond and a brunette!!!!!

    Well anyway, the headband is so cute!!!!!!

    Great job :)

    1. Thanks Joyce, her hair certainly is a talking point - it's so lovely - in sunshine it's golden, in camera flash & artificial light it's more red.

      Glad you like the headband!



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