Tuesday, 31 January 2012

1 Birthday, 1 Party, 2 Crochet Designs

Presents, ready and waiting to be opened!!

What a week we've had! It was Jay's 6th birthday on Friday, he had school that day so he opened his presents before he went. He wanted the Lego City Harbour kit and a pencil tin that has little shelves with pencils inside.

Lego City Harbour  (4645)

Jay with his 'It's My Birthday' badge ready for school.

We had his first ever party on Saturday and he chose to have a bouncy castle party at the Bitterne Leisure Centre with some of his school classmates and his 5 cousins. They bounced for 1 hour then had food in a separate room for 45 minutes afterwards. 

The massive bouncy castle!

The sports mascot 'Bubbles' (I think) was available to pose for photos at the end. Daisy seemed to like him in particular!

Daisy with Daddy and Bubbles

We got some photos of the party and then all the kids at the end before food.

Everyone who went to Jay's party

Poppy, Aliya and Daisy - cousins
Toby & Poppy, Aliya & Daisy - cousins
Jay's home birthday cake

Jay had a cake at home on Friday that he wanted, and then had another one for all the party-goers on Saturday.

Daddy with the party cake

Jay blowing out his candle

I think Jay really enjoyed the bouncing part, but the food bit afterwards was a bit much for him. He seemed a bit overwhelmed at the end, so he had some quiet time at home afterwards.

On a different note, I have made 2 new crochet designs - a bracelet, and a cup cozy with coaster.

Granny stitch bracelet
Granny stitch cup cozy, with coaster
Granny stitch cup cozy, with coaster

I'm in the middle of writing the cup cozy pattern, with photos, which will be available in my Etsy Store later this week.

Daisy was poorly, starting Wednesday last week - she had a temperature and was exhausted all the time, I haven't seen her sleep so much in a long while! We took her to see the nurse on Friday morning (Jay's birthday) and she had her ears, chest and throat checked. It turned out that she had a really red throat, but by then her temperature was beginning to come back to normal, thank goodness.

Now it's Jay's turn, he missed school yesterday because he had a high temperature, then was sick all over the living room floor. That took some cleaning up! He's off today too. He seems a bit better today, but didn't eat much at all yesterday so I need to make sure his energy levels are getting back to normal. Today he's had some breakfast so that's good.

I had a cold too, and have got a sinus infection - ah well, here's for a bit of a more restful week this week, and hope we're more fit and healthy too!!


  1. Happy Birthday to him! Looks like a very fun party! ;-)

  2. Happy belated birthday to Jay, looks like that was a really fun day for him and for Daisy too!

    I sure remember the days when I had sick kids....take care and get some rest (well as much as you can with a baby)

    Oh and the things you made are really nice....

    1. Thanks Joyce - I'm really tired, I think an early night is required tonight!! :D

  3. What a fabulous looking birthday party! It's so nice to see kids dress up when they go to a party. Good luck with putting that Leggo set together and keeping up with all the pieces.

    Love that Granny stitch cup cozy, with coaster - base.

    1. Thanks Gaye! I'm sure Jay and Daddy will both have fun with the Lego! :D



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