Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Review of 'Baby Garden Boots' Crochet Pattern from 'The Lovely Crow'

Review of 'Baby Garden Boots' Crochet Pattern from 'The Lovely Crow'

Yarn used: Hayfield 100% acrylic Chunky weight
Colours: Shade 0993 (Aran) for the boot, Shade 0936 (Light Natural) for the sole
Hook: 4.5 mm
Gauge: 4sc per inch
Size: 6-12 months - up to 5" in length

I first tried a gauge swatch using DK weight yarn, but I thought the texture was too loose. This version is a lot tighter and therefore makes a thicker boot for the Winter weather.

It's brilliant that Elizabeth has made some video tutorials to help along the way with her patterns. She has used a password to lock the videos, but after purchase you will be sent the password so you are able to access the tutorial videos.

Following the pattern . . .

Round 1 - 34 sts: I mis-counted - I need to concentrate!
Round 2 - 44 sts: I mis-counted again! I'm being pestered for some chocolate by Jay!
Round 3 - 50 sts: sole measuring up perfectly!

Round 4 - 50 sts: all fine.

Special Instruction - I followed the text and 3 images on where to place the hook and yarn, and then watched the accompanying video, which was really helpful as it explained perfectly, in detail, how to do this, then the next round.

Round 5 - Having a bit of trouble finding the gaps where I need to insert the needle as the yarn is so thick. I need to re-do as I'm short by 3 sts. Ah, I see, I'm on the wrong layer, I need to go up one layer, that's much easier to do! All stitches present and correct. 51 sts.

Change colour

Round 6 - 51 sts: all fine.
Round 7 - 51 sts: still going fine.

Having a break to go to bed, will continue tomorrow.

Round 8 - 39 sts - going well this morning - I needed that sleep! Young lady awake now after her nap, will come back to this again later.

Round 9 - 33 sts - perfect!
Round 10 - 30 sts - going fine.

Right Shoe:

Round 11 - Starting to make the flap and button hole - looking good so far. I'm thinking that this must have take a lot of working out to make this pattern work so well.
Round 12 - Going well.
Round 13 - Going well.

Round 14 - I nearly missed adding an extra stitch at the end of the round, but spotted it in time! All going well.
Round 15 - 2nd buttonhole made
Round 16 - Remembered extra st at end this time.
Round 17 - All good.
Round 18 - Still fine.
Round 19 - Good
Round 20 - Last round, last buttonhole.

I just need to add the 3 buttons, then it's all finished!!

It's been a great pattern to follow, and am extremely pleased with the results. I have decided to make a smaller pair for Daisy, as these ones are too big for her little feet right now. There's nothing wrong with the pattern - that measures up perfectly - I should have measured Daisy's feet before I started making this pair. I will complete the 2nd boot of this pair so she will be able to grow into them!

How to contact Elizabeth from 'The Lovely Crow', or purchase your own 'Baby Garden Boots' crochet pattern:


  1. Those booties are absolutely gorgeous:)

  2. Thanks Dianna, they are lovely and thick so will be good in the cold. xx

  3. Great review! Glad to know about the videos too.



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