Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Latest News from the Land of the Groovy Pumpkin

Hello, I've been busy lately with life and seem to have neglected my Blog. Remember last year when I had a post virtually every day of October regarding Halloween? I do, I was really excited by bringing lots of pumpkin related posts, I hope you get to take a look - just click HERE or go to the label 'Everything Pumpkin'.

I've been busy with looking after Daisy, as she's getting a bit more mobile now, and this week Jay is on his half-term holiday from school. I made them both some crocheted hats to wear on the way to school in the cold mornings we've been having - an owlie for Daisy and a monster for Jay. What do you think?

We put some sprouting seeds - broccoli - onto some wet kitchen towel so that we can watch them grow and then eat them in a few days. Here they are just after we sowed them.

I'll put some more photos on here to show their progress, there's not much to report today, though some seeds have split open and you can see them starting to germinate (big word of the day, he he!).

Daisy has 2 teeth now, and here's the first photo we have showing them off nicely.

I have started another small crochet project - a row of crocheted bunting to decorate Daisy's corner of the bedroom. I've only done 3 so far, but you can see what they look like. I like this coloured yarn.

I found the pattern for the crochet triangle HERE, via Pinterest, I just adapted it slightly so that it worked better.  I've got a huge collection on Pinterest now, such as 'Crafty Things', 'Clothing & Accessories', 'Make FOR the Kids' and 'Make WITH the Kids'.

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And just to finish for now, here are my 2 cute babies again - I love them SO much!!! 


  1. So cute; the pumpkins and the kids!!

    I have refrained from pininterst. I need to go someday though.

  2. Hi Tonya, you'll have to take a look at Pinterest, you don't need to sign up, just take a look for now - you might be pleasantly surprised. :D



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