Saturday, 13 August 2011

I Won this Beautiful Tapestry Kit!

All this was inside my package
I took part in a raffle recently via Facebook, with 4 prizes being offered by Emily Peacock, the talented tapestry designer, who specialises in needlepoint and cross stitch, her designs being 'bold, graphic and modern'.

The raffle was to raise funds for 'Make for Macmillan - Cancer Support' and there were 250 tickets available. I chose two ticket numbers and No 246 won 4th prize, which was '1 kit of my choice'!

I'd seen these beautiful kits several times before and had always wanted this 'Kiss' kit, but due to financial constraints couldn't have one. Until NOW!!!! 

KISS: Small
Finished Size: 69cm x 24cm (27” x 9”) approx
Price: £54.99

Here are the wools I'll be using
Imagine my surprise, amazement and delight at being told I'd won this prize - I was just so excited! 

Well, it arrived on Tuesday, but we were out so the postman couldn't deliver it - I was really disappointed. I had to wait at least 48 hours to collect it, which I finally did yesterday, and made a start on some of the cream background last night. I'm not sure how long it will take to make - probably quite a while - but I know I'll really enjoy doing it.

A huge 'thank you' goes out to Emily Peacock for her kind generosity, and am also very pleased that I could help with raising money for Macmillan.

Click logo to reach Emily Peacock's website


  1. Congrats on the win, btw how is the baby doing?

  2. Jane, that looks like so much fun and a great size that could be made into a panel for a pillow!
    Congratulations, isn't it fun to be the winner of one of the fabulous giveaways out there!

  3. Thanks Joyce and Beth, I'm hoping to make it into a cushion, there are instructions on how to do that in the kit.

    Daisy's coming along very well thanks, she's 6 months old today!

    Jane xx



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