Sunday, 14 August 2011

Daisy is 6 Months Old Today!

Six months ago, on St Valentine's Day, (and my birthday) I was in hospital having just given birth to the most beautiful little girl - we named her Daisy.

Today marks her 6-month birthday!

Here are some photos to celebrate.

I'm 6-months old today! It's nearly bedtime but Mummy wanted some
photographs of me first.

I'm looking at my Mummy, she's making me smile!

I'm having fun!

Here I am with my gorgeous big brother, Jay 

My Mummy and Daddy bought me a 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'
sleep suit with matching hat. Don't I look cute Mummy?


  1. Jane, Daisy is looking Adorable!! Happy 1/2 Birthday to Her and You!!!!

  2. Daisy is looking adorable as usual, and you are looking great, Jane!

  3. Happy 6 month day! And both your kids are cute as can be!

  4. Oh what cute pics of your daughter and son, it appears that your Daisy has red that true?...I am a natural redhead and I had 3 brunette babies, I was so hoping for a redheaded girl!

    My kids are all grown up now!

  5. Hi Joyce, yes, she has red hair, it's quite a light shade at the moment so is very golden in the sun - very beautiful!

    She takes after her Daddy who had auburn hair as a child.

    About 2 weeks before she was born I had an overwhelming feeling that she'd have red hair - how strange! :D

  6. Thanks for following me! Your kids are adorable--love Daisy's hungry caterpillar outfit!!


  7. Your kids are so adorable!! And I can't believe how creative you are - I can only dream, haha. Beautiful creations!
    Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a link! Have a wonderful weekend<3

  8. Thank you Shawna and Sennie!! Have a good weekend! :D <3



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