Thursday, 24 March 2011

'May for Me' - Come and Join In!

My online friend, Tonya, and her friend Marcia have started a 'May for Me' page on each of their blogs, and have invited people to join in, so I thought I would!

My 'May for Me' page (above) will have links to posts about taking time for myself, and how to get everything done that I want to do during the month of May.

I'll also add a link to your blog HERE when you tell me of your interest in joining in too.

Let's have some fun!!


  1. Thanks for doing May for Me with us! This is going to be great!

  2. I'll be joining you all too! :)

    Found you thru my Sis's blog (Tonya- hillbilly handiworks)


  3. Hi Heather, really pleased to have you here too - lovely to 'meet' you, especially as you're Tonya's sister!!

    Jane :D

  4. Hi Jane, Make May For Me, sounds a really good idea. We all need a little time out for ourselves. Hope you are taking time for yourself already. I can remember those early days with two being ever so busy.

  5. Oh, Dianna, I've been incredibly busy, I've had not time at all to do anything for me - I'm hoping by May I'll be able to set a little time aside to do some crochet and sewing. I'll add your blog to my May for Me page too.

    Jane x

  6. Thanks:)
    I look forward to May...Well done, and take some time to sleep when you can!

  7. Hello there fellow May for Me lady! Nice to meet you. I hope I can keep up with everyone!!

  8. Hi Belinda - so nice to meet you - have fun in May!!!!

    Jane xx



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