Monday, 7 February 2011

Catching Up and New Things I've Made

I'd just like to share a few things that I've made over the past few weeks while I've been growing this baby - yes, she's still in there at this moment in time - though only 4 days to go!!

They're all crocheted items, the first being a cup cozy - my own pattern I might add - created with Sirdar Crofter DK, Fair Isle Effect DK, Shade 0045, 60% Acrylic, 25% Cotton, 15% Wool:

Cup Cozy
Cup Cozy
The next being 'Peony Corsage' - a pattern from 'Inside Crochet' magazine, Issue 14, by Shirley MacDonald, from  I liked making these, so have made 3 so far - each one quite different:

Peony Corsages - Set of 3
No 1 is made from Patons FAB, DK, shade 02324 (Fruity), 100% Acrylic:

Peony Corsage - No 1
No 2 from Patons Smoothie DK, Shade 2019, (Lilac Mix), 100% Acrylic:

Peony Corsage - No 2
No 3 from 100% wool, though I've mislaid the yarn label - will update when I find it! You can see that I've turned it into a brooch - which I've been wearing on my coat:

Peony Corsage - No 3 - Front
Peony Corsage - No 3 - Back
Next is a lovely pair of bootees - one complete the other still in progress - started yesterday. I purchased the pattern from Absolute Knits at Etsy. You too can purchase the pattern HERE. Made from Patons Smoothie DK Yarn 1035 RED, 100% Acrylic. These will be perfect with a little red dress we bought recently for our little lady:

Baby Bootee
Baby Bootee
Finally, is my first attempt at filet-crochet ~ 'Valentine Coaster', made from 100% cotton.  Pattern also from  'Inside Crochet' magazine, Issue 14, by Shirley MacDonald, from

Valentine Coaster


  1. Love the colors in the cup cozy! And I think your little one will just adore those new booties!

  2. Thanks Beth!! I've enjoyed doing these projects and feel much more confident with the crochet than I did, and am able to do 'intermediate' patterns now, not just the basics - yay! Hope you are well!!

    Jane xx

  3. I am so impressed with the things you have made, that is quite a lot,and all of them are so pretty... sounds to me like you are nesting!

    Let us know when your daughter arrives :)

    God bless you all

  4. Thanks Joyce! Your comments are so kind - I'll post pictures on here when we come home from hospital.

    Jane xx

  5. Hi, i saw the bootee on iCrochet! It's so adorable!



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