Monday, 17 January 2011

Crocheted Nappy/Diaper Cover

On Friday I bought a wonderful 'PDF PATTERN for Crochet Baby Diaper Cover' from Tafferty Designs on Etsy, and have just completed my own nappy cover.  

I used Rowan's Colourscape Chunky in 'Cherry', which is 100% lambswool, after looking around my local John Lewis yarn section and speaking with one of the assistants. 

The pattern did call for a cotton yarn, but I wanted to try out the pattern in a multi-coloured yarn and they only had wool so thought I'd give it a go anyway. 

I also bought a hank of the same wool, but in 'Moody Blues' shade to use either for this or something else, I'm not sure yet.
"Colourscape is a roving type yarn with an artisan look and rustic appeal which is spun and made in Britain. Designed by renowned textile artist, Kaffe Fassett each hank gives a single repeat rainbow like effect."
I am really pleased with the result - the pattern was so easy to follow and the cover almost made itself - the yarn was lovely to use and I'm looking forward to making another one in the next couple of days!

By the way, you can also follow Judith from Tafferty Designs here: 


  1. Cute! Actually, wool is better for diaper covers - it's absorbent and wicks the moisture away from baby. : ) It's a cute design -- Judith does such wonderful work!

    How's the babe? I'll bet she's just jumping around and getting ready to join the world!!

  2. Hi Sarah, thank you! I'm glad wool will be ok then, I'm looking forward to using it on our little one when she arrives.

    She's definitely growing - and jumping/wriggling around in there as I type this - she feels strong and I can get some hefty thumps now and again, LOL! xx

  3. I agree with Sarah the wool is the better choice for diaper covers, great job, that will be cute on your baby girl.

    BTW how did the crochet water bottle holder come out?

  4. Hi Joyce, thank you too!

    The water bottle holder came out really well, though I think it's a bit on the small side, as I thought it would be when I was making it - I've been using it to store my glasses in when I go to bed, LOL! I'll take a photo and put it on here later or tomorrow. xx



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