Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Great Holiday Ornament Exchange

These cute little felt gingerbread men are being posted to the US tomorrow, as they are my entries into 'The Great Holiday Ornament Exchange' organised by the lovely Tonya of  

Please click HERE for the link to her information about the exchange.

I really enjoyed making them and they only took a few hours to make, including researching for the design and choosing how to decorate them, which is just as well as I'm feeling really tired at the moment. I like the fact that they are not the traditional colours, and I think they look really pretty in pink!

I was thinking of doing a couple of crocheted ornaments but I've lost my crochet hooks (really annoying - I've looked everywhere!) so I had to make them out of felt instead.

I hope they enjoy their new homes and look forward to receiving my two exchange ornaments in return!

Back and Front


  1. Very cute little gingerbread man:) Well done. A good idea to do an exchange too.

  2. Thanks Dianna. It was all a bit last minute though - I was always a bit like that with homework at school too, lol! But I did enjoy making these.



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