Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Doodle Stitching - Embroidery Books

I received these 2 great books for Christmas and have been learning the hand embroidery techniques explained within - it's great fun!

Aimee Ray works as a designer and illustrator for a greeting card company, as well as on comic book projects doing colouring, lettering and inking.

Aimee sells her embroidered work on Etsy and ArtFire and has been featured on the popular craft blog Whipup. You can also view more of her work at, on Flickr, and on her Blog!

Doodle Stitching: Fresh and Fun Embroidery for Beginners

All it takes to create these appealing projects or add charming embroidered touches in no time at all are a few simple stitches, some easy techniques and the nearly 30 projects in this book.

Begin by learning several styles for outlining, filling, decorating and appliqué. Find out about floss, fancy threads, fabrics and needles.

Get the low-down on transferring your very own designs onto every type of fabric. The fresh ideas, witty patterns and clever colour illustrations take stitchers from novice to enthusiast in a blink of the eye!

Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection

This follow-up to the best-selling Doodle Stitching offers fans expanded and updated basics, 400+ easy embroidery motifs on the page and on a CD sealed in the back of the book, 17 projects and lots of added inspiration.

More than a dozen categories include Alphabet, Asian Chic, Baby, Celebrations, Embellishments, Fruits & Veggies, Space, Trees, Flowers, Winged Wonders and Woodland Creatures - and each section includes one motif stitched by the author.

The motifs on the CD are in simple black lines, so readers can easily manipulate them using their own image-editing software, print them out and transfer them onto their substrate of choice using the instructions in the book.


  1. I have just seen these on Amazon and put them on my wish list. Just in the last couple of weeks I have really been getting into hand embroidery. I enjoy it so much, and it is easily done with Stephen underfoot, where as the sewing machine,iron, etc...not so much! (As you understand the feeling I am sure)

    I am so interested that I have contacted several Australian artists to consider carrying their patterns. I didn't know this lady had an Etsy shop or blog, so thank you very much!!!

  2. Hi Tonya, these are lovely books - definitely worth getting if you are so into the hand embroidery.

    I'm hoping to decorate some baby vests with my new skills, I just have to practice a bit more first I think. It would be nice to be able to so this craft when the baby comes too.

    What Australian artists have you been in touch with, do you have some websites?

    Glad you like this post with the info - happy sewing!!

    Jane x



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