Sunday, 7 November 2010

3rd Trimester, Here we Come!

26 weeks pregnant

Well, we've entered our 3rd Trimester today, where our baby girl measures around 36cm (15in) long, head to toe, and weighs around 760g (1lb 7oz).

Over the next 3 weeks she’ll go through a major growth spurt - I've already thought this was the case as I've been really hungry for the last few days!  Also, her eyes will be opening around now too.

I have to say, the picture above doesn't show the real size of my belly - let's just say it's a bit bigger than the picture!  I've been getting a lot of back ache when I've been standing or walking for a while, and have to take regular sit downs but soon feel better, so that's good news.

Also, yesterday was the first day my right ankle swelled up as the day went on. It had gone down a bit in the night but was still a little puffy this morning, so we went out for a walk in Southampton to get some exercise to try and get my blood moving around a bit more - this helped too I think, so all is well right now.


  1. How exciting! You're almost there.

  2. aaaawww!
    I was so massive when I was pregnant with the girls.
    I was bed ridden from about 30weeks & I had them at 38 weeks!
    Its so lovely, I can hear the excitement & Joy in your typing (if that makes sense!)

  3. :D

    I can't imagine having more than one baby in there! Well done for getting to 38 weeks - even though you had to rest so much - it obviously did the trick. Did you have a C-section, or naturally?




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