Monday, 4 October 2010

'Everything Pumpkin' - DAY 4: Pumpkin Witch Colouring Page

Day 4 - 'Halloween Pumpkin'
Children's Author and Illustrator, Elizabeth O. Dulemba, designed this lovely Halloween Pumpkin image on her Blog, which I think is a lovely picture for children to colour in.  

HERE is the link to the full sized image.

She would like people to send her their coloured in pictures to:, so she can show them on her Blog.

Elizabeth also has more colouring pages HERE - just scroll down her page - there are lots of gorgeous pictures there just waiting to be coloured in!


  1. Thanks for the awesome shout-out Jane! :) e

  2. Hello Elizabeth - my pleasure!! I hope you get some pictures sent along to you!
    Jane :D



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