Saturday, 2 October 2010

'Everything Pumpkin' - DAY 2: Tiger Pumpkin Carving

Day 2 - 'Tiger'
Isn't this amazing? It's a prize winning pumpkin by Amuri, which took 8 hours to carve.

Click for original link.
Click for free template to try this yourself.


  1. It is amazing - I wish I had the tools to attempt something so detailed!! xx

  2. I am sure I commented about this awesome tiger before, but its not here :(
    Anyway, I just said it put mine to shame, but it would be fun if the groovy makes on Halloween were all pumpkin's!
    That's a good little challenge, if you do it, I am in!

  3. Hi Bonnie!

    I'm not sure what must have happened to you other comment, but thanks anyway!

    I've got the Halloween Themed Collection due at Groovy Makes just before Halloween - you can add your pumpkins there if you like - it'll still be a creation you'll have made. I expect we'll have a go at making one, but it will probably only be a basic face - we'll see.

    Jane xx



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