Sunday, 17 October 2010

'Everything Pumpkin' - DAY 17: Eye See You

Eye See You
Thanks to my lovely Facebook buddy - Tiffany Kelly (from T~Cakes Diaper Cakes) - who told me about this fun crafty project to try with your kiddies.

She made some of these, including a cool 'Mini Halloween Jack-o-Lantern and Spooky Eyeball' and has uploaded them to YouTube HERE.

Thanks very much for sharing this Tiff!

Lined up in your front window, these petrifying peepers, made from Ping-Pong balls and battery-powered tea lights, will give passers by the chilling feeling that they're being watched.

Total Time Needed:
1 Hour

Ping-Pong ball
Permanent markers
Battery-powered tea light
Glue dots

1) Cut an X in the Ping-Pong ball (an adult's job).
2) Draw eye details on the ball with permanent markers.
3) Cut embellishments from paper and attach them to the ball with glue dots.

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  1. That's a great idea! I will try this with my 3.5 year old!



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