Thursday, 2 September 2010

UK Handmade Magazine - Autumn Issue 2010

UK Handmade - supporting and promoting the best UK artists, designers and makers.

The UK Handmade Magazine Autumn Issue 2010 is out now!

Why not stick on the kettle, make yourself a cuppa, take a well deserved break and have a read over on the website

On pages 24-27, you will find a fabulous make: 'Wee Pumpkin Cat' from polymer clay - it's really cute!!  There are also some fabulous 'Elegantly Carved Butternut Squash Lanterns' to make on pages 48 and 49 - a stunning alternative to the traditional pumpkin lanterns we see at Halloween.  And, not forgetting my favourite craft at the moment - an adorable 'Amigurumi Woodland Bunny' on pages 72-75 - way to go!!

For those of us who are interested in following a career using our creative energies there are some fantastic tips from those who have, on page 62; and if that's not enough to make you hungry for more, there's a yummy recipe for 'Sweet Pumpkin' pie on pages 64 and 65!!  There are so many interesting and inspiring topics that it's well worth spending some quality time with this Autumn Issue - don't forget to go back for more in Winter - I'll write a new Blog post when it's been published.

If you do love it, please help them spread the word and tell your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and your Blogs!  If you have blogged about it please put your link here, they would love to see!

You may also follow their Blog for more information on the world of UK Handmade:

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