Monday, 20 September 2010

Halloween Flames Coasters

First Flames Coaster
As Halloween is approaching I wanted to make something with a spooky theme to sell in Etsy possibly, so I went shopping on Saturday to see what Halloween fabrics I could find in 100% cotton for making coasters with, but there was nothing at all in HobbyCraft or in John Lewis where I normally shop - I was really disappointed.  

I did manage to find this flames fabric from Fabric Land though which I thought I could use, and as it turns out, looks really great! Also, an ex-colleague of mine works there so I got a 5% discount - woo hoo!! I think a set of these coasters and table mats would look fantastic gracing any Halloween themed table.

And, as it's my first ever attempt at making a coaster I am really excited to make some more.  I've already cut out enough pieces for 8 coasters and when I've got a batch ready I'll put them on Etsy, so watch this space folks!

UPDATE:  I've just finished the first set of 4 coasters, which is now for sale on Etsy: HERE, cost £8.00 / $12.20.

Set of 4 Coasters For Sale


  1. I like it!! Goes well with your Groovy Pumpkin logo!

    And your Halloween countdown spooks me as I watch the seconds roll by.....and let's not even speak of the Christmas one....

  2. Cool coasters for Halloween. Well done. Dianna



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