Saturday, 11 September 2010

Crocheted Baby Jacket - It's Almost Finished!!

This is the Baby Jacket I started on 25th August 2010.  I have put button loops on and just need to sew on the buttons, although I may change the ones I already have to something more colourful as I'm not sure they'll go well with the edging colours now.  
I've also made a start on an idea I had for making a Baby Afgan - nice and bright with a cream/pale yellow border - see bottom photo.  I'll do some colour drawings and see what I can come up with.
Baby Jacket - closed
Baby Jacket - open
Baby Jacket - picot edging - close-up
Baby Jacket - matching buttons
Next Project - Granny Square Afgan


  1. Your little baby jacket looks beautiful and so cute, dare I say it makes me feel a bit broody all over again...well done. Dianna

  2. LOL! Thanks for your compliments!! I can't wait to see it on my new baby! xx

  3. Hi, I found you over at I Crochet. Your baby jacket is so adorable. Love the trim detail. Looking foward to seeing progress on your next project:)

  4. very sweet. i have a new linky blog if you wanna post your fun pics!

  5. Hello Karen, lovely to have you here!!

    Thanks for your kind words, it's the first item of clothing I've made, so the only way is up from here!

    I'm following your Blog and really love your Granny Stripe Blanket, how big will it be when you've finished it?

    I think we have the same likes in bright colours - I see you Like Sarah London and Attic 24 too!

    Have a great day xx

  6. Hi Niki, thanks for your invite - I've added a couple of items to your linky blog! This is a great idea!!

    I'm also following your Butternut Street Blog!

    Have a lovely day! xx



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