Monday, 6 September 2010

Amigurumi - Funky Fish

Here is 'Funky Fish' from 'Amigurumi' by Lan-Anh Bui and Josephine Wan that I just completed this morning.  

The yarn I used is Patons Smoothie DK, colour 2020 Multi Shade (100% acrylic, machine washable, do not iron, do not tumble dry, may be dry cleaned).

I'm really pleased with the result as I wanted to use this yarn for it's beautiful colours, and although it's different in colouring from the book's version I think it looks great!!  It's given me lots of practice in increasing and decreasing too, which is always good.

Funky Fish - side
Funky Fish - front
Funky Fish - top/back
Funky Fish - top fin
Funky Fish - side fin
Funky Fish - tail
Funky Fish - book version


  1. Oooh -- I like him in the multi-colors! And I especially like your felt eyes!

  2. Thanks Sarah, I thought I'd go with felt as I will be giving it to my new baby when he/she arrives!


  3. he is very cute! You must be delighted with him xx

  4. Yes I am, thanks very much Pat! :D

  5. Well done on the fish and elephants, you are so clever, would still like to try and crochet, it looks so beautiful. Hmmm, hopefully one day. Dianna

  6. Hi! I Love your Fish...very cool. I am your newest follower-Hope you will come by my blog and follow me too.

  7. Lovely to have you here!! I'm following your Blog too! Jane x

  8. OH MY GOSH!! Way too cute Jane! I have to checkout the elephants, I collect them, and honestly have never seen any Amigurumi ones!!

  9. Hi Michele, lovely to see you here! Did you check out the elephants? They are cool aren't they!!

    Have a great day! xx



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