Thursday, 26 August 2010

Baby Jacket - Front Sections

Further to my previous post, here are some photos of the next stage of creating my crocheted baby jacket.  

I'm very pleased with it so far and have just started on the first sleeve.  More pictures will be added here when I've finished them both.

Both front sections - left and right.

Front sections in place on the back piece.


  1. Wow, You are a talented woman! I found you on UK Handmade and saw some of your photo's, really lovely stuff. Always wanted to learn to crochet but no one in my family knew how, so it was sewing and knitting for me. I will keep watching with interest. Dianna

  2. Hi Dianna, thanks so much for your lovely comment!! I'm totally self-taught with everything I've done. I have a huge mound of crafty books though now, which is great, lol!!

    I've found you on UK Handmade too, so have done a friend request. Love your bags and the Mexican oil cloth particularly.

    Enjoy your weekend :-D



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