Saturday, 3 July 2010

We're Having a Baby!

Well, I've not been writing on the Blog for a couple of weeks as I've been having morning sickness, yes, that's right - we're having a baby!  This will be our second baby, and will be due early February, so we're 9 weeks + 1 day pregnant as I type this!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to beat the sickness feelings, I'd really appreciate it!  Also, if anyone has had any experience of being an 'older' mother please let me know!  I was 35 when I had my son, who's now 4, and will be 40 (as I am now) with this new baby, eeeek!!


  1. I'm so happy for you Jane!! Morning sickness sucks, (not with my son,,,hahaha he was the good kid, lol) I had it all day with my girls, I wish I had the answer for you, but I don't..I think the secret to being a mom at any age is enjoying it..really taking your time and realizing you are watching a miracle every day! :)

  2. I wondered why the silence...I am so happy for you! I have advice for you on all counts...(this is quite long, sorry!)
    As for the morning sickness. I was quite sick with all 3 of mine. With the first I was hospitalized twice due to dehydration. With the second the motion sickness wrist bands and cans of Ensure(a high protein drink available at the pharmacy here, I don't know what your equivalent would be) got me through. Not easily, but I made it. This last time, someone told me to eat all the time. So I did. I still got sick alot, I gained a bunch of weight, but I got through.
    As for the age thing~I am 41. Stephen is now 6 months old, Seth is 12, Amy is 20. It was WAY easier when I was 20 for sure! Over 40 pregnancies are at a high risk for gestational diabetes. Which I got. (Also causing my weight gain.) I spent alot of time at doctor offices this time around. Then once Stephen was born (C-section), Jerry was having a severe med problem of his own and couldn't help me. (In fact Stephen was only 8 days old, I'm all in stitches and Jerry had to go back in the hospital for surgery.) That did it! I just had to hold Stephen. All the time. And we did that for the first two months of his life. Even all night long because he had reflux issues and would choke if we lied him down. So, he got held and held. At our ages (me 41, Jerry 48), and our medical issues, there was nothing else we could do. And you know what? Spoiling him was the best thing I could have done. He now at 6 months is my happiest, most content baby. He sleeps all night (and never has had anything but breastmilk.)
    I do get very tired now with him around though. I sleep when he sleeps. I've had to back out of alot of things I was involved in, and back out of my little business. But, now that he is a bit older I am starting to get back in the swing of things. (But I still take my daily nap!)
    One final thought(I know this has been long) they didn't check for my diabetes until I was around 7 months along. That was a bad thing for me. I'd already had it for months. (Most pregnancies it peaks at 7 months). If you can get them to test you sooner, then again at 7 months I would. I should have been on insulin alot sooner. It would have helped both of us.
    You'll be fine..just plan on taking time out of the rest of life for a bit. :)
    Take care, Tonya

  3. Thanks so much for your comments Heather and Tonya!

    Heather, you were lucky with your son - and thanks for your note from your Blog too, I've been keeping myself to myself lately, hope you don't mind me not getting back straight away!

    Tonya, I have been using the wristbands - I was feeling quite ill last week and my other half had to come home from work and got me some then - what a relief, though can't say they work all the time, lol!

    I wasn't so bad with Jay, though when we went on train journeys I felt quite 'travel' sick. I am already overweight so I need to be quite careful with my eating, I have been really hungry though. Last time I had 2 glucose tolerance tests as I have polycystic ovaries which is another cause for concern for diabetes, but I was fine each time, thank goodness.

    I do get really tired too at the moment, and have a lot of walking to do each day taking my son to pre-school, but he finishes in 3 weeks, so will be able to slow down a little, also this heat has been really hard to deal with.

    Was Stephen a big baby? A friend of mine has normal diabetes and her 2 babies were huge!

    I'm a little concerned about having any tests for Downs Syndrome, did you think about having this done?

    Thanks so much again for your comments,
    Take care to you both xx

  4. Stephen was very large when he was in the womb, but the last two months I went on a very strict diet, lost weight, and in the final two months he only gained 4 ounces. Normally this would be horrible, but he was just losing fat. I had special tests done weekly to check his weight.
    He was born normal weight.
    They told me if I breastfeed it greatly reduces his risk for diabetes later. That's important because all his parents/grandparents have diabetes.
    I refused the Downs Syndrome tests because I didn't like the risks, and didn't care about the outcome. At first we thought being prepared if he does have it would be good, but then we decided that we will deal with it if it happens.
    Hugs, Tonya

  5. Hi Jane -- I just wanted to say Congratulations! I can't really offer any advice -- I was one of the lucky ones with no morning sickness whatsoever, and no problems with being at least a slightly older mom. I was 32 and 35 with my babies, used a midwife with the second (best experience of my life!) and nursed until 1 year old. At the time, sonograms were given only when warranted, and I never had to have one. (My children are now 29 and 26, so this was back in the "dark ages"!)

    As far as Downs Syndrome testing - I would not have had it, and it was never suggested that I should, but then I believe that every child is a priceless and beautiful gift from God - and would have been loved no matter.

    My only real suggestion would be to get plenty of rest, and eat healthy. Take your pre-natal vitamins. (Check out the health food store for that) I'm just so very glad for you! Take care, and keep us up-to-date!!!

    Hugs to the new mama!

  6. Tonya, I'm so glad you got the extra help you needed to control the weight - sounds like it was well worth the effort.

    Hi Sarah, thanks! My sickness is not as bad as it was last week, but I do still have waves of it from time to time. You were indeed lucky not to have had this feeling!

    I agree about having the tests - I wouldn't want to risk any invasive testing, and would hope to love this new baby just as much as Jay (who has autism, so we already have special needs to deal with).

    I'm taking the vitamins with added folic acid, so hopefully all will be well.

    I've got my first midwife appointment on Thursday morning so hopefully will be able to discuss my weight issues then.

    Take care all xx

  7. Wow!!! Congratulations! :D When I was pregnant with my daughter I actually had evening sickness. Was so weird. I'd be find all day and then around 5 p.m. it would gradually attack me.


  8. A Big Congratulations to you and your family!! My sister had her last at 38 and all she said was it was a bit more tiring than at 20. She also refused the tests (downs syndrome,etc..) said it would not matter. My girlfriend had her last at 40 (she is 50 now) and had no complications or issues. She is very physically active though (hiking,biking,etc..) I had very little morning sickness and just having some soda crackers helped me.
    As you know every 'body' is different and all you really can do is just take the best possible care of yourself.
    Wishing you a safe pregnancy and looking forward to updates when you feel up to writing.
    Hugs, Leta



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