Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Inventor/Artist - Creator of Beauty

Beanie Hat - Age 0-6 Months
When I was younger I wanted to be either 'An Inventor' or 'An Artist' when I grew up, and now that I am now 'grown up' I can say that I have achieved these wishes - as I now design and create all sorts of lovely handmade items!

There is nothing quite like receiving a handmade gift - knowing you are the recipient of not only a thoughtful gift but also the giver's time, focus and handiwork is one of the warmest feelings you can have, and it's great to be the bringer of such joy!

Beanie Hat - Top and Front
I started off making cards when I was really small - following  instructions in a library book to create a chicken and chick card was a very early memory; I also copied photos in a book I received for Christmas all about how to care for your pet dog (I wasn't allowed to have a real dog so the book was the next best thing) using coloured pencils, then moving on to pastels at senior school where I remember copying a photo of Morten Harket from the group A-Ha in art class.  One of my art teachers said that I 'have a really good eye for colour', which I think is still very true today - I really LOVE colours and have a couple of books just on colour theory and descriptions of colour!

Beanie Hat - Close-Up of Flower
Over the years I have had many many crafty interests, which have included painting on glass, rubber stamping, quilling, card making, interior decorative techniques (like stencilling and special paint effects, etc), sewing, macrame, mosaic, polymer clay, jewellery making and taking photographs.  

I actually completed two one-year courses in photography at night school and passed with grade A in both GCSE and A Level Photography which was fun, and then after being made redundant at age 26 I decided to return to college full time as a 'mature student' to complete a GNVQ (Advanced) Art and Design course (getting a 'Distinction'), plus A Level Media Studies (Grade D).  I did go on to try out a Degree course in Graphic Design, but left after just 3 months as it really wasn't for me.  I prefer to do practical things with my hands and found that using and manipulating text and shapes on the photocopier and arranging on the page to look good was just not that interesting to me!

So now on to the present.  My current big interest is crochet, as mentioned in previous posts below, and today was the day that I started selling crochet items on Etsy - this small pink striped beanie hat with pretty flower.  I'm really pleased with the result as I wanted to learn how to increase and decrease stitches and also how to work in the round. 

In my coming Blog posts I'll tell you about some of the wonderful books I've found on crocheting, so if you're a fan of crochet too, come back soon!

Oh yes, you can also find this hat in my NEW shop at Zibbet.com, and at my ArtFire Studio!!


  1. It must be very satisfying to have SO MUCH talent!! Youu seem to pick up new skills so easily and the end results are those of someone much more experienced. Lovely things Jane!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Mally - I've done creative things since I was very young, so most things come easily to me now. I just need to stick at one or two things and earn some money!! LOL! Jane xx



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