Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Crochet - My Learning Curve so far

My latest interest in crochet has really blossomed over the last two weeks - I've subscribed to The Art of Crochet, a partwork collection of 120 magazines / instructions with balls of wool, sent out in installments, and the idea is to learn stitches each week and end up making a completed crocheted throw.

I've made some squares from this collection, and have just received parts 7, 8, 9 and 10 in the post today, so can get on with some more; I'll probably stop after these though, as it will be very expensive, and I think I'd be able to learn more without having to complete this collection, even though the throw looks very nice!

Here are some samples I've made so far, using some instructions and photographs from a great book: 'Compendium of Crochet Techniques' by Jan Eaton:

Sample: classic mesh with picot edging

Sample: narrow shaped edging

Double crochet with shell border
These following squares are from The Art of Crochet.  The first square I did (not pictured) had wonky edges, so I'll be re-doing it, and since learning where to put the needle at the end of the rows I have done much better:

Scallop lace square

Granny square

Treble square

Let me know what you think, do you like doing crochet?


  1. They look really good! Well done.

  2. Thanks Claire, I am enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would!!

    Jane :D

  3. Ah! I was just going to reply to the comment you left me about crocheting! :) too funny...and these are rad!! I have yet to try out many different stitches, but these make me want to! :) Awesome!

  4. I left you something on my blog! Stop by and see. :D

  5. Now you have inspired me to pick up a crochet hook and try once more!

  6. I hope so!! Let me know how it goes won't you!?



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