Monday, 12 April 2010

Homemade Sew-In Labels

I've just finished making my own labels to sew into my bags - they are made from 20mm cotton tape and t-shirt transfer paper!

I'm really pleased with the results as I have been able to design and edit them on my computer using Photoshop and then print in reverse, using the highest quality on the printer, and then after letting the paper dry for 5 minutes just iron straight on to the cotton tape - it's as easy as that.  And, I've printed 40 labels onto one sheet of A4 paper - what a money saver!!

The label is designed to be folded and sewn into the inside of my bags, and has my logo, my Etsy Store website address and copyright details.  Oh yes, the transfer paper I used has sparkles in it, that's what the dark specks in the photo are that you can see - they look really lovely in the light!

What do you think?


  1. How cool! I hope you'll share some pics when you have inside the bag? :)

    ~ Amanda

  2. Thanks Amanda, I will certainly be doing that!!

    Jane xx

  3. aaaww man Jane, you're brilliant! I may just have to try that out!

  4. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing it. I have been trying to work out a way of doing this. My best one so far was to do each one by hand using fabric pens so this will save me *hours*! (I even have some transfer paper and still didn't think of it, you are so clever)

  5. You are so energetic, brilliant idea, definitely worth a try. Thanks Jane. Dianna

  6. Good, glad you like it Dianna!! It's fine as long as you don't iron the label when on the bag (like I did) and ruined it!

    Jane x

  7. Wow this is such a great idea!! I can't wait to try it! Your logo is beautiful.



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