Friday, 30 April 2010

Etsy Treasury No 1 - by Groovy Pumpkin

I've been looking around Etsy a lot recently and love so many of the wonderful handmade goods out there, and I wanted to do an Etsy Treasury to show off some of my favourites, but always found that the Treasury space was full. 

Well, I mentioned this to Heather at The Pine Cone Tea Cup yesterday and she gave me the link to the Beta Treasury - 'Treasury East' on Etsy where there is always space! 

I was so excited that I set straight to work getting my collection ready to post, and here is the result: 'Fantabulous mix of felt, fabric, polymer clay & crochet' - what do you think? 

I LOVE IT!!  Thanks Heather - you're a star!

Why not go and make your own - it's great fun!

1 comment:

  1. Hi ! Thank you so much for the follow ! I'm following you back and I want to say that I love your work and the treasury, very cheerful & happy :)



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