Monday, 15 March 2010

I've Received an Award!!

Wow, the wonderful and very thoughtful and talented Heather from The Pine Cone Tea Cup gave me this award today: 'The Circle of Friends Award'!!!

The conditions of accepting this wonderful blog award are for me to list five things that I like to do.  After creating that list, I am to pass on this blog award to five more bloggers that I would like to learn more about... so here goes:

Five things I love/like to do:

♥ I love being with my 4-year old son! He was diagnosed as having autism at 2 and a half and will be starting infant school in September. He's an amazing little man and he's coming on really well - every day he makes me laugh with some comment or other - I'm SO proud of him!

♥ I love being creative - this all started when I was just a wee girlie and have been either painting, drawing, making, photographing, stamping, sewing, etc, etc ever since!

♥ I love making new friends here on the internet. I particularly like Facebook for it's games - FarmVille mainly - as I have made some lovely friends from all over the world and even though I'll probably never meet them I'll enjoy our times chatting and laughing as if we had known each other for years! I can't mention Facebook without mentioning ♥ LINK LOVE ♥ too where I've already met some fantastic people who are incredibly talented and friendly!

♥ I love watching movies with Heath Ledger and/or Johnny Depp - they are my heroes! I love the way they have not taken the easy way in their careers, in making the standard action/rom-com/other normal 'pretty-boy' kind of film, but have gone out of their ways to do something different and totally unusual - I'm all for that!

♥ I love being amongst nature - the Spring is a wonderful time of year where all things are growing and changing. We don't have a car and walk every day to pre-school - I walk over 4 miles in total every day and have the chance to look at the little things in life, instead of missing out on so many special things that others may miss in their fast paced lives.

Now for the people I would like to give this award to, in no particular order:

Congratulations ladies!!


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!!

  2. Oh wow, thanks a bunch. I just noticed this, as I've been so busy lately. A local gift shop wants to include some of my products in her shop, so I've been really busy with this etc. Feels good to be noticed. Thank u.



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