Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Today we had a Power Cut

Today our electricity went off at around 10:30am; I was at home with my son as we both have chesty coughs at the moment, and I didn't want us to walk to his pre-school (which is a long walk) and breath the cold damp air, potentially making our chests worse. It's quite a challenge to keep a small boy occupied without the TV, music or computer it seems, though we did read quite a few books together!

The electricity eventually came on at about 3:10pm and then went off about 5 miutes later. So, I phoned the electric company at about 3:15pm and they told me that they would need to dig up the road to replace some cables - oh, joy - which would take 6-8 hours, so would not be finished until the early hours of the morning, once they could get to work.

So, after this news, we went up the road (by bus) to our local shops to buy some candles and torches as by this time it was beginning to get dark inside and out.

Well, the evening was dark, but beautifully lit with lots of tea-lights; and then we had the electricity come on and go off constantly for about an hour or more, and then it eventually stayed on - so, here's hoping it's all mended, as our power has been on for about an hour now. Hurrah!! I don't know why it's come on so 'soon' but it is much appreciated!

I was able to make some more envelopes though this afternoon - some 'Thomas the Tank Engine' themed ones. I will take some pictures tomorrow and add them to Etsy.

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