Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cooking - Queen of Hearts Tarts

Well, today's Activity Planner hasn't gone to plan. We went out but didn't get any leaves - they were all wet and soggy. So this afternoon we have done some cooking. Today's recipe is 'Queen of Hearts Tarts' from the Big Cook, Little Cook 'Party Cook Book', see previous post, dated 9th August 2009.

Here's the recipe from the book, and our tarts, cooked for 15 minutes. I did change the recipe slightly by sprinkling some sugar on the top of the tarts before cooking them so that they would taste a bit sweeter, as the pastry was ready made and wasn't sweet.

They are still cooling down at the moment so hope to try one soon!

Mmmm, I ate this one - it was GORGEOUS!


  1. Thank you for posting this! I plan on borrowing it for tomorrow's Valentine's Day activites.

    1. Hello! I hope you made some of these! Happy Valentine's Day! :D



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