Saturday, 10 October 2009

My Current Library Books

Regarding my twitter to Waterstones yesterday and winning 5 books (I'm still waiting to hear back from Waterstones) here are my current library book loans - yes, there are 27 . . . !

I'm enjoying reading 'Moonshine' by Christina Jones at the moment (see image); and, I bought a new copy of '1001 natural remedies' as I liked it so much! I think I'll also have to buy 'High Speed Trains for the 21st Century' as Jay is really keen on trains and I'm sure he'll read it, and read it, and read it some more (or just look at the pictures anyway)!

  1. The address book of children's authors and illustrators
  2. Relax kids
  3. Grow your own drugs
  4. Stories of pirates (for Jay)
  5. 1001 natural remedies
  6. Bach remedies & flower essences
  7. Chocolat
  8. Moonshine

  9. Writing a children's book
  10. The Maeve Binchy's writers' club
  11. Stealing the Show
  12. The five-minute writer
  13. A creative writing handbook
  14. Writing from life
  15. Writing your Life Story
  16. Cosmic ordering, the next step
  17. Creative writing
  18. The complete guide to painting pictures from photos
  19. The dressing-up book (for Jay)
  20. Sew pretty homestyle
  21. My dressing-up box
  22. Map addict (Christmas idea for my Dad)
  23. What shall we do today?
  24. High-speed trains for the 21st century (for Jay)
  25. Ultimate necklace maker
  26. Oilcloth inspirations
  27. Piet Mondrian,1872-1944

Wow, I'm only allowed 30 out at one time so a lot will have to go back on Monday, as I've got another 6 on the 'Reservation List' too!

I'll be returning all the ones in italic (mainly related to writing) as I'm having trouble getting time to concentrate on it - I'd like to write a story for my 3-year old son one day - though this Blog is fun and keeps my mind ticking over as far as writing goes!

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