Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New Macramé Sampler Project

Hurrah . . . I've finished working at my part-time job and can now spend weekends with my family!!

Anyway, I've also started a new macramé sampler project from a book by Heidy Willsmore. It's a beautiful piece and I feel determined to complete it. It's almost 2 complete large rolls of parcel string and is quite challenging - there are several different types of knots and it takes quite a lot of concentration, but I'm really pleased with the results so far. And practice makes perfect!

Here's a photo so far...

List of knots from top left panel: 3 bannister bars of Half Knots, Alternate Flat Knot pattern, double chains of Half Hitch knots, row of Horizontal Cording, Flat Knots and Horizontal Cording as a divider, then the next row is: Diagonal Cording then Half Hitch with Reverse Half Hitch so far.

So, for the time being I've placed the jewellery-making on hold. As I did make a 2nd sale on Etsy but the buyer refused to make contact or make payment. It's a little (no, it's VERY) frustrating all-in-all. I want to expand my repertoire of knots anyway and this sampler seems to be the perfect place to start.

Hope you come back again soon to see my progress.

Take care :-)

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